PCS Mobile Solutions Mission

To satisfy all of your wireless needs by providing the best value, service, products and in-store experience.

Our History

Founded in 2006 by Saad Nadhir and Nemir Nadhir, we currently own or operate 70+ Authorized Retail stores in seven states and have plans to add several new stores in 2018. With our unyielding dedication to ensuring every customer is very satisfied with their in-store experience, we hope to gain the trust and respect of each customer, their referrals and repeat business. Because of our strong belief in the brand, products and services, we do not represent any other wireless carriers.


Our support center is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan which serves as the home of our Leadership Team and Store Support Staff.

Our Core Values describe the beliefs that drive our decisions and actions. It is the responsibility of every Sprint Store by PCs Mobile Solutions employee to espouse each value without compromising another. Strict adherence to these values drives success, which creates the opportunity to every employee to thrive, and provides us all with a company that makes us proud. 

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Uncompromising honesty in every action we take and decision we make. 
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Our customers come first. Always.
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We are proud representatives of the community that surrounds us.
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We’re committed to driving measurable improvement both personally and for the company.