Get to know us

Our history

Founded in 1997, The Customer Center(TM) was one of the first exclusive branded wireless retailers in the country. Since then, The Customer Center(TM) quickly began to grow with an unwavering commitment to the customer experience; a quality of service that has remained unchanged for over 15 years.

Our people

The Customer Center(TM) is first and foremost a people oriented company. We pride ourselves on fostering the types of relationships with our employees that make it possible for them to give you the customer experience you deserve. We respect our team and they transfer that respect to every single customer that walks into any one of our locations.

Our stores

Today The Customer Center(TM) distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a unique wireless solution, specific to customer needs. With over 30 locations in the Northeast and Southwest, the customer can shop confidently knowing they will be assisted by a team of knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives and (where available) professional certified repair technicians.

The Customer Center, Inc. locations

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