Wireless Lifestyle Mission

Wireless Lifestyle's Core Values describe the core beliefs that drive all of our decisions and actions. It is the responsibility of every Wireless Lifestyle employee to espouse each value all of the time without compromising another Core Value and where Integrity must never be sacrificed. Strict adherence to these values drives success which creates opportunity for every Wireless Lifestyle employee and provides us all with a Company that makes us proud!

Our History

Today the Sprint network is performing at its best-ever levels as more and more customers experience faster, stronger, more reliable service.

Wireless Lifestyle was opened in 2004 by two brothers with two simple ideas: to make the latest wireless technology an essential part of our customers' lifestyle, and to provide the best customer experience in the wireless industry. Unwavering commitment to these two core ideas has allowed Wireless Lifestyle to grow from just four stores in 2004 to more than 200 locations today.